A Conjuror's Collusion Exposed

: Welsh Folk-lore

This man's house consisted of but few rooms. Between the kitchen and his

study, or consulting room, was a slight partition. He had a servant

girl, whom he admitted as a partner in his trade. This girl, when she

saw a patient approach the house, which she was able to do, because there

was only one approach to it, and only one entrance, informed her master

of the fact that someone was coming, and he immediately disappeared, and
he placed himself in a position to hear the conversation of the girl with

the person who had come to consult him. The servant by questioning the

party adroitly obtained that information respecting the case which her

master required, and when she had obtained the necessary information, he

would appear, and forthwith tell the stranger that he knew hours before,

or days ago, that he was to have the visit now paid him, and then he

would relate all the particulars which he had himself heard through the

partition, to the amazement of the stranger, who was ignorant of this

means of communication.

At other times, if a person who wished to consult him came to the house

when the conjuror was in the kitchen, he would disappear as before,

stating that he was going to consult his books, and then his faithful

helper would proceed to extort the necessary information from the

visitor. On this, he would re-appear and exhibit his wonderful knowledge

to the amazed dupe.

On one occasion, though, a knowing one came to the conjuror with his arm

in a sling, and forthwith the wise man disappeared, leaving the maid to

conduct the necessary preliminary examination, and her visitor minutely

described how the accident had occurred, and how he had broken his arm in

two places, etc.

All this the conjuror heard, and he came into the room and rehearsed all

that he had heard; but the biter was bitten, for the stranger, taking his

broken arm out of the sling, in no very polite language accused the

conjuror of being an impostor, and pointed out the way in which the

collusion had been carried out between him and his maid.

This was an exposure the conjuror had not foreseen!