Charm For Fits

: Welsh Folk-lore

A ring made out of the offertory money was a cure for fits. About the

year 1882 the wife of a respectable farmer in the parish of Efenechtyd

called at the rectory and asked the rector's wife if she would procure a

shilling for her from the offering made at Holy Communion, out of which

she was going to have a ring made to cure her fits. This coin was to be

given unsolicited and received without thanks.

e Rev. J. D. Edwards, late vicar of Rhosymedre, informed the writer

that his parishioners often obtained silver coins from the offertory for

the purpose now named. So as to comply with the conditions, the

sufferers went to Mrs. Edwards some time during the week before

Sacrament Sunday, and asked her to request Mr. Edwards to give him or

her a shilling out of the offertory, and on the following Monday the

afflicted person would be at the Vicarage, and the Vicar, having already

been instructed by Mrs. Edwards, gave the shilling without uttering a

word, and it was received in the same manner.

Another charm for fits was to procure a human being's skull, grind it

into powder, and take it as medicine.