Flower Fables

: Flower Fables

THE summer moon shone brightly down upon the sleeping earth, while

far away from mortal eyes danced the Fairy folk. Fire-flies hung

in bright clusters on the dewy leaves, that waved in the cool

night-wind; and the flowers stood gazing, in very wonder, at the

little Elves, who lay among the fern-leaves, swung in the vine-boughs,

sailed on the lake in lily cups, or danced on the mossy ground,

to the music of the hare-be
ls, who rung out their merriest peal

in honor of the night.

Under the shade of a wild rose sat the Queen and her little

Maids of Honor, beside the silvery mushroom where the feast

was spread.

"Now, my friends," said she, "to while away the time till the bright

moon goes down, let us each tell a tale, or relate what we have done

or learned this day. I will begin with you, Sunny Lock," added she,

turning to a lovely little Elf, who lay among the fragrant leaves

of a primrose.

With a gay smile, "Sunny Lock" began her story.

"As I was painting the bright petals of a blue bell, it told me

this tale."