Gwyddelwern Version

: Welsh Folk-lore

The following tale was told by Mr. Evan Roberts, Ffridd Agored, a farmer

in the parish of Llanfwrog. Roberts heard the story when he was a youth

in the parish of Gwyddelwern. It is as follows:--

A man went from his house for peat to the stack on the hill. As he

intended to carry away only a small quantity for immediate use, he took

with him a bag to carry it home. When he got to the hill he saw

something running before him, and he gave chase and caught it and bundled

it into the bag. He had not proceeded far on his way before he heard a

small voice shout somewhere near him, Neddy, Neddy. And then he heard

another small voice in the bag saying, There is daddy calling me. No

sooner did the man hear these words than in a terrible fright he threw

the bag down, and ran home as fast as he could.