Hemp Seed Sowing

: Welsh Folk-lore

A young married woman, a native of Denbighshire, told me that if a young

woman sowed hemp seed, the figure of her lover would appear and follow

her. This was to be done by night on Hallow Eve. I find from English

Folk-Lore, p. 15, that this divination is practised in Devonshire on St.

Valentine's Eve, and that the young woman runs round the church

repeating, without stopping, the following lines:--

I sow hempseed, hempseed I sow,

He that loves me best

Come, and after me now.

Sage Gathering.

A young person who went of a night to the garden, and stripped the leaves

of the sage tree, would, as the clock struck twelve, be joined by her

lover. This was to be done on All Hallow Eve.