Satan Taking Possession Of A Man Who Fished On Sunday

: Welsh Folk-lore

The following tale is in its main features still current in Cynwyd, a

village about two miles from Corwen. The first reference to the story

that I am acquainted with appeared in an essay sent in to a local

Eisteddfod in 1863. The story is thus related in this essay:--

About half a mile from Cynwyd is the 'Mill Waterfall,' beneath which

there is a deep linn or whirlpool, where a man, who was fishing there on

Sunday, once found an enormous fish. 'I will catch him, though the D---l

take me,' said the presumptuous man. The fish went under the fall, the

man followed him, and was never afterwards seen. Such is the tale, but

it is, or was believed, that Satan had changed himself into a fish, and

by allurement got the man into his power and carried him bodily to the

nethermost regions.