The Spirit Of Llyn-nad-y-forwyn

: Welsh Folk-lore

It is said that a young man was about to marry a young girl, and on the

evening before the wedding they were rambling along the water's side

together, but the man was false, and loved another better than the woman

whom he was about to wed. They were alone in an unfrequented country,

and the deceiver pushed the girl into the lake to get rid of her to marry

his sweetheart. She lost her life. But ever afterwards her Spirit
/> troubled the neighbourhood, but chiefly the scene of her murder.

Sometimes she appeared as a ball of fire, rolling along the river Colwyn,

at other times she appeared as a lady dressed in silk, taking a solitary

walk along the banks of the river. At other times, groans and shrieks

were heard coming out of the river--just such screams as would be uttered

by a person who was being murdered. Sometimes a young maiden was seen

emerging out of the waters, half naked, with dishevelled hair, that

covered her shoulders, and the country resounded with her heart-rending

crying as she appeared in the lake. The frequent crying of the Spirit

gave to the lake its name, Llyn-Nad-y-Forwyn.