The Thirsty Quails

: Myths And Legends Of California And The Old Southwest

Pima (Arizona)

A Quail once had more than twenty children, and with them she wandered

over the whole country in search of water and could not find it. It was

very hot and they were all crying, "Where can we get some water? Where

can we get some water?" but for a long time they could find none.

At last, way in the north, under a mesquite tree, the mother quail saw a

pond of water, but it was very muddy and not fit to drink. But the

little quails had been wandering so many days and were so tired they

stopped under the shade of the mesquite tree, and by and by, one by one,

they went down to the water and 'drank it. But the water was so bad they

all died.