Tymawr Ghost Bryneglwys

: Welsh Folk-lore

This Ghost plagued the servants, pinched and tormented them, and they

could not get rest day nor night; such was the character of this Ghost as

told me by Mr. Richard Jones, Ty'n-y-wern. But, said I, what was the

cause of his acts, was it the Ghost of anyone who had been murdered? To

this question, Jones gave the following account of the Ghost's arrival at

Tymawr. A man called at this farm, and begged for something to eat, and
as he was shabbily dressed, the girls laughed at him, and would not give

him anything, and when going away, he said, speaking over his shoulder,

You will repent your conduct to me. In a few nights afterwards the

house was plagued, and the servants were pinched all night. This went on

days and days, until the people were tired of their lives. They,

however, went to Griffiths, Llanarmon, a minister, who was celebrated as

a Layer of Ghosts, and he came, and succeeded in capturing the Ghost in

the form of a spider, and shut him up in his tobacco box and carried him

away, and the servants were never afterwards plagued.