Pentrevoelas Squire Griffith's Ghost


A couple of workmen engaged at Foelas, the seat of the late Squire

Griffiths, thought they would steal a few apples from the orchard for

their children, and for this purpose one evening, just before leaving off

work, they climbed up a tree, but happening to look down, whom should

they see but the Squire, wearing his three-cornered hat, and dressed in

the clothes he used to wear when alive, and he was leaning against the

trunk of the tree on which they were perched. In great fright they

dropped to the ground and took to their heels. They ran without stopping

to Bryn Coch, but there, to their horror, stood the Squire in the middle

of the road quietly leaning on his staff. They again avoided him and ran

home every step, without looking behind them. The orchard robbers never

again saw their late master, nor did they ever again attempt to rob the