How It Was Settled Who Should Rule The World

: Aino Folktales

When the Creator had finished creating this world of men, the good and

the bad gods were all mixed together promiscuously, and began disputing

for the possession of the world. They disputed,--the bad gods wanting to

be at the head of the government of this world, and the good gods

likewise wanting to be at the head. So the following arrangement was

agreed to: Whoever, at the time of sunrise, should be the first to see

he luminary, should rule the world. If the bad gods should be the first

to see it rise, then they should rule; and if the good gods should be

the first, then they should rule. Thereupon both the bad Gods and the

brilliant gods looked towards the place where the luminary was to rise.

But the fox[-god] alone stood looking towards the west. After a little

time, the fox cried out: "I see the sunrise." On the gods, both bad and

good, turning round and gazing, they saw in truth the refulgence of the

luminary in the west. This is the cause for which the brilliant gods

rule the world.--(Translated literally. Told by Ishanashte, 10th July,