How The Deer Got His Horns

: Indian Legends Retold

Perhaps you never heard that there was once a time when the Deer's

head was as smooth as that of the doe, and as he and the Rabbit were

both great jumpers and proud of their ability, a match was arranged,

the winner to receive a fine pair of antlers as a prize. They were to

start at one side of a dense thicket, and the first one to make his

way through to the further side and back again would be judged the


Now the Rabbit said that he had never before been in that part of the

country, and he asked permission to look about a little, which was

agreed to. However, he was gone so long that they suspected he might

be up to one of his tricks, so one of the judges followed him quietly.

There he was, busily gnawing off branches and making a road through

the underbrush!

When he finally came out, he was told that on account of his

dishonesty the horns would be given to the Deer, and furthermore,

since he was so fond of gnawing at bushes, he might continue to do so

for the rest of his life.