How The Turkey Got His Beard

: Indian Legends Retold

Now the animals all suspected some trick in this case, and the Turkey

in particular was heard to say that he would contrive to get even.

Soon afterward he saw the Terrapin coming back from war, creeping

along with a fresh scalp hung about his short neck and trailing on the


"How, my friend!" he exclaimed, "you do not wear your scalp right;

only let me show you."

The Terrapin let the Turkey take the scalp and hang it about his own

neck, while he strutted proudly to and fro.

"Does it not look well?" the Turkey asked.

"Well enough," the other admitted, "but you may give it back to me


"First let me show you another way to wear it," cried the Turkey, and

he adjusted the scalp and flew with it into a tree where the other

could not follow. Thus he boasts the stolen ornament to this day.