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Names Of Things Attributed To The Fairies


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

Many small stone utensils found in the ground, the use, or the origin, of
which was unknown to the finders, were formerly attributed to the
Fairies. Thus, flint arrow-heads were called elf shots, from the belief
that they once belonged to Elves or Fairies. And celts, and other stone
implements, were, by the peasants of Wales and other places, ascribed to
the same small folk. Very small clay pipes were also attributed to the
same people. All this is curious evidence of a pre-existing race, which
the Celts supplanted, and from whom, in many respects, they differed.
Although we cannot derive much positive knowledge from an enumeration of
the articles popularly associated with the Fairies, still, such a list,
though an imperfect one, will not be void of interest. I will,
therefore, describe certain pre-historic remains, which have been
attributed to the aboriginal people of Britain.

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