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Urban Myths

Find a collection of thousands of myths and folklore through out history. Find myths, ancient stories and tales from Nature, Australian, Scandinavian, Scotland, North American Indian, Philippine, Hebrew, Hiawatha, Santal Parganas and all nations.

Most Viewed

Hadassah's Guest
The White Stone Canoe
Horse And Hattock
Idas And Marpessa
Y Fuwch Frech The Freckled Cow
The Heron
Mermaids And Mermen
Robin Redbreast
Charm For Removing A Stye From The Eye
Origin Of The Fairies
Beowulf And Grendel
The Heron
Agnes Surriage
The Maiden Wiser Than The Tsar
Origin Of A Name
Roland The Paladin
Bootoolgah The Crane And Goonur The Kangaroo Rat The Fire Makers
Salem And Other Witchcraft
The Devil's Tree By Eglwys Rhos
The Talking Eggs - A Story From Louisiana
The Crow
The Phantom Train Of Marshall Pass
The Obstinacy Of Saint Clair
The Misdoing Of Kamapua
Moodus Noises
Skipper Ireson's Ride
Bahloo The Moon And The Daens
Howe's Masquerade
The Crow And Cat Of Hopkinshill
The Bible And Key Divination

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AristĂus The Bee-keeper
The Children Of L╬r
The World War Its Cause The Murder Of Gullveig-heidr
The Story Of Sohahnee Mahkai And Kawkoinpuh
The Older Periods Of The Troy Saga
The Twelve Lost Princesses And The Wizard King
The Ten Princes
The Wooden Wife
The Destruction Of The Vahahkkees
The Story Of The Children Of Cloud
The War In Midgard Between Halfdan's Sons
The Secret-keeping Little Boy And His Little Sword
The Study Of Magic Under Difficulties
To Aid Beast Is Merit To Aid Man Is But Vanity
The Story Of The Turquoises And The Red Bird
The Story Of Wayhohm Toehahvs And Tottai
The Hypothesis Concerning The Asiatic Origin Of The Aryans
Titindi Maupa And Paiowa The Youngest Daughter Of Wakara
The Dream Of Juiwaiyu And His Journey To Damhauja's Country
The Crane And The Hummingbird
The Winged Hunter
The Wizard And The Beggar
The Ungrateful Fisherman
The Widow's Punishment
The Justice Of In Ta Pome
The Words Of Untold Value
The Boys Who Were Not Appreciated
The Fortunes Of Ai Powlo
Why The Goat Lives With Mankind
The Story Of Vandaih The Man-eagle
The Story Of Hawawk
How Nooee Killed Ee-ee-toy
The Hypothesis Concerning The European Origin Of The Aryans
The Hussar And The Servant Girl