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All Myths

Find the complete list of all myths on this site. Types of myth include from Nature, Australian, Scandinavian, Scotland, North American Indian, Philippine, Hebrew, Hiawatha, Santal Parganas and all nations.

All Myths including:

Bahloo The Moon And The Daens
Bootoolgah The Crane And Goonur The Kangaroo Rat The Fire Makers
Bougoodoogahdah The Rain Bird
Bunnyyarl The Flies And Wurrunnunnah The Bees
Deegeenboyah The Soldier-bird
Deereeree The Wagtail And The Rainbow
Dinewan The Emu And Wahn The Crows
Goolahwilleel The Topknot Pigeons
Gooloo The Magpie And The Wahroogah
Goomblegubbon Beeargah And Ouyan
Goonur The Woman-doctor
Hunting Custom
Mayrah The Wind That Blows The Winter Away
Meamei The Seven Sisters
Mooregoo The Mopoke And Bahloo The Moon
Mooregoo The Mopoke And Mooninguggahgul The Mosquito Bird
Mullyangah The Morning Star
Narahdarn The Bat
Oongnairwah And Guinarey
Ouyan The Curlew
The Borah Of Byamee
The Bunbundoolooeys
The Cookooburrahs And The Goolahgool
The Galah And Oolah The Lizard
The Gwineeboos The Redbreasts
The Mayamah
The Origin Of The Narran Lake
The Weeoonibeens And The Piggiebillah
Wayarnbeh The Turtle
Weedah The Mocking Bird
Wirreenun The Rainmaker
A Battle In The Air
A Battle With The Sioux
A Blow In The Dark
A Boy Taken To Fairy Land
A Breathing Space
A Bryneglwys Man Inveigled By The Fairies
A Charm For Stopping Bleeding
A Charm For The Shingles
A Chestnut Log
A Child Of The Woods
A Clever Thief
A Cock Crowing In The Night
A Conjuror And Robbers
A Conjuror's Collusion Exposed
A Covetous Neighbor
A Crisis
A Crowing Hen
A Cruel Man And A Fairy Dog
A Dinner And Its Consequences
A Doctor Called From His Bed By A Voice
A Fairy Borrowing A Gridiron
A Fairy Enchantment
A Fourth Version Of The Same Fable
A Fox And His Wife
A Frisian Saga In Adam Of Bremen
A Ghost Appearing To Point Out Hidden Treasures
A Ghostly Avenger
A Gift From Frigga
A Hare Crossing The Road
A Harper And The Fairies
A Horse Witched
A Jackal And A Wolf
A Laung Khit
A Lazy Man's Plot
A Legend
A Legend Of Manabozho
A Man Carried Away By The Evil One
A Man Carried Through The Air By The Fairies
A Man Changed Into A Horse
A Man Dancing With The Fairies For Three Days
A Man Turned Into A Hare
A Man Who Found Himself On A Heap Of Ferns After Joining In A Fairy Dance
A Man Who Spent Twelve Months And A Day With The Fairies
A Pavilion Neither In The Sky Nor On The Earth
A Pig Witched
A Prison
A Question Of Time
A Raven's Croaking
A Retrospect
A Ride For A Bride
A Simple Thief
A Solitary Crow
A Spanish Holofernes
A Spirit In Llangerniew Church_ _denbighshire
A Spirit Leaving And Re-entering The Body
A Spiritualistic Story From Wales
A Story On Caste
A Story Told By A Hindu
A Succinct Account
A Swarm Entering A House
A Thief And A Tiger
A Third Version Of The Same Fable
A Three Hours Fairy Dance Seeming As A Few Minutes
A Trapper's Ghastly Vengeance
A Variant The Wandering Raja
A Villain's Cremation
A Visit Of Pele
A White Cock
A Wise Philosopher
A Witch In The Form Of A Hare Hunted By A Black Greyhound
A Witch In The Form Of A Hare In A Churn
A Witch Shot When In The Form Of A Hare
A Witch Transformed Into A Hare Injured By One Whom She Tormented
A Witch Who Turned A Blue Dye Into A Red Dye
A Witch Who Was Refused A Goose And Her Revenge
A Wonderful Journey
A Yellowstone Tragedy
A Young Man Marries A Fairy Lady In Fairy Land And Brings Her To Live With Him Among His Own People
A Zulu Version Of The Legend Of The Origin Of Death
Addik Kum Maig Or The Origin Of The White Fish
Aegir's Feast
After Death
After The Battle
Aggodagauda And His Daughter Or The Man With His Leg Tied Up
Agnes Surriage
An Averted Peril
An Event In Indian Park
An Evil Spirit In Llandysilio Church Montgomeryshire
An Inquisitive Man's Experience Of Hades
An Unexpected Issue
An Unfortunate Shot
Analysis Of The Sagas Mentioned In Nos 44-48
Analysis Of The Sagas Mentioned In Nos 44-48 The Question In Regard To The Identification Of Odainsaker
Ancient Faiths Of Hawaii
Animals As Friends And As Enemies
Animals Language
Annwn_ Or Annwfn
Another Cattle Charm Spell
Another Lazy Man
Another Tale Of A Doctor
Another Version Of The Gors Goch Legend
Another Version Of The Same Fable
Anthony's Nose
Antichrist And Pope Joan
Antigone A Faithful Daughter And Sister
Anuwa And His Mother
Apollo And Daphne
Apparitions Of The Devil
AristĂus The Bee-keeper
Artuk Who Did All Forbidden Things
Atdlarneq The Great Glutton
Atungait Who Went A-wandering
Aunt Rachel's Curse
Bahloo The Moon And The Daens
Baijal And The Bonga
Bajun And Jhore
Balanced Rock
Bankiva The Philippine Pied Piper
Banshee Of The Bad Lands
Bash Tchelik Or Real Steel
Battle Of Emmaus
Beaver And Porcupine
Bees In A Roof
Behind The Myths
Benkei And The Bell
Beowulf And Grendel
Berkshire Tories
Besieged By Starvation
Big Chief's Conquest
Big Indian
Birds And Beasts
Birds Flocking In Early Autumn
Birds Singing Before February
Birds' Feathers
Birluri And Birbanta
Birth Of The Water-lily
Block Island And The Palatine
Bluebird And Coyote
Bokwewa Or The Humpback Magician
Bootoolgah The Crane And Goonur The Kangaroo Rat The Fire Makers
Borgar-skjold's Son Halfdan The Third Patriarch
Bosh-kwa-dosh Or The Mastodon
Bougoodoogahdah The Rain Bird
Bridal Veil Fall
Brother Merry
Bunnyyarl The Flies And Wurrunnunnah The Bees
Buying A Dream
Buying A Hive Of Bees
Bwyd Ellyllon Or Goblins' Food
Caellwyngrydd Spirit
California Big Trees
Canobie Dick And Thomas Of Ercildoun
Cascades Of The Columbia
Catalina Of Dumaguete
Catching A Thief
Catskill Gnomes
Cattle Charms
Ceffyl Y Dwf The Water Horse
Ceridwen And Gwion_ (_gwiawn_) _bach's Transformation
Ceyx And Halcyone
Chando And His Wife
Charm Against Foot And Mouth Disease
Charm For Asthma
Charm For Clefyd Y Galon_ _or Heart Disease
Charm For Cocks About To Fight
Charm For Fits
Charm For Removing A Stye From The Eye
Charm For Removing The Ringworm
Charm For Rheumatism
Charm To Make A Servant Reliable
Charming The Wild Wart
Charms For Quinsy
Charms For Warts
Charms Performed With Snake's Skin
Cheating The Priest
Chief Croton
Children Of The Cloud
Chileeli Or The Red Lover
Chote And Mote
Cinder Jack
Clefyd Yr Ede Wlan Or Yarn Sickness
Coblynau Or Knockers
Cock And Jackal
Coel Ede Wlan Or The Yarn Test
Coinnach Oer
Condemned To The Noose
Corwrion Changeling Legend
Count Roland Of France
Cows And Horses Witched
Coyote And Sun
Coyote And The Fawns
Coyote And The Hare
Coyote And The Mesquite Beans
Coyote And The Quails
Coyote And The Rattlesnake
Coyote And The Tortillas
Coyote As A Hunter
Coyote's Eyes
Creation And Longevity
Creation Of Man
Crocodile's Treason
Crosby The Patriot Spy
Crows' Feathers
Csabor Ur
Cwn Annwn Or Dogs Of The Abyss
Cyhyraeth Death Sound
Cynon's Ghost
Daikoku And The Oni
Dame Pridgett And The Fairies
Dance In A Buffalo Skull
Daoine Shie Or The Men Of Peace
David Salisbury's Ghost
Death And The Woodman
Death Of Mattathias
Death Watch
Deegeenboyah The Soldier-bird
Deep Things
Deereeree The Wagtail And The Rainbow
Delaware Water Gap
Denbighshire Version Of A Fairy Mother And Human Midwife
Deucalion And Pyrrha
Devil's Lake
Dick The Fiddler And The Fairy Crown-piece
Dinewan The Emu And Goomblegubbon The Bustard
Dinewan The Emu And Wahn The Crows
Divination With The Twca Or Knife
Doctor All-wise
Dolph Heyliger
Don't Throw Useful Things Away
Drinking The Sea Dry
Dukhu And His Bonga Wife
Early Porto Rico
Early Reference To Witches Turning Themselves Into Hares
Eastward Of The Sun And Westward Of The Moon
Echo And Narcissus
Edward Randolph's Portrait
Ee-ee-toy's Resurrection And Speech To Juhwerta Mahkai
Elephant And Tortoise
Elidorus And The Fairies
Eliza Wharton
Elphin Irving
Eroneniera Or An Indian Visit To The Great Spirit
Eva's Visit To Fairy-land
Evidence That Dieterich Of Bern Is Hadding
Evidence That Halfdan Is Identical With Helge Hundingsbane
Ewen Of The Little Head
Fairies In Markets And Fairs
Fairies Working For Men
Fairy Changelings
Fairy Dances
Fairy Elizabeth
Fairy Friends
Fairy Hammer And Fairy Or Elf Stones
Fairy Illusions
Fairy Knockers Or Coblynau
Fairy Ladies Marrying Mortals
Fairy Men Captured
Fairy Money Turned To Dross
Fairy Mothers And Human Midwives
Fairy Or Mythic Animals
Fairy Pipes
Fairy Riches And Gifts
Fairy Song
Fairy Treasures Seen By A Man Near Ogwen Lake
Fairy Tricks With Mortals
Fairy Visits To Human Abodes
Fairy Whetstone
Faith That Killed
Faithful To The Death
Falls Of St Anthony
Fatality Of Numbers
Father And Son
Father Moody's Black Veil
Fergus O'mara And The Air-demons
Ffrith Farm Ghost
Filipinos Animal Myths
Finding Of The Islands
Fisher Joe
Fjallerus And Hadingushadding In The Lower World
Flame Scalps Of The Chartiers
Flower Fables
Flying Serpents
Flying Shadow And Track Maker
Followers Of The Sun
Following Behind
Found At Last
Francis Woolcott's Night-riders
Freya Queen Of The Northern Gods
Freya Sat Spinning The Clouds
Freyja's Necklace
Friends Or Foes?
Frithiof The Bold
Fuljhari Raja
Gaffer Death
Garth Uchaf Llanuwchllyn Changeling Legend
Gay Describes The Ceremony:--
General Moulton And The Devil
Ghost Raising
Ghosts Or Spirits
God On The Mountains
Goddess Of Salt
Good Deeds Never Perish
Goody Cole
Goolahwilleel The Topknot Pigeons
Gooloo The Magpie And The Wahroogah
Goomblegubbon Beeargah And Ouyan
Goonur The Woman-doctor
Goose Or Hen Laying A Small Egg
Great Head
Grizzly Bear And The Four Chiefs
Gudmund's Identity With Mimer
Gulveig-heidr Her Identity With Aurboda Angrboda Hyrrokin The Myth Concerning The Sword Guardian And Fjalar
Gumda The Hero
Gwrach Y Rhibyn Or Hag Of The Mist
Gwyddelwern Version
Hadassah's Guest
Haddam Enchantments
Hadding's Defeat Loke In The Council And On The Battle-field
Hadding's Journey To The East Reconciliation Between The Asas And Vans
Hairs Of A Lover Found Under A Holly Tree
Haka Kaina
Halfdan And Hamal Foster-brothers The Amalians Fight In Behalf Of Halfdan's Son Hadding
Halfdan's Birth And The End Of The Age Of Peace The Family Names Ylfing Hilding Budlung
Halfdan's Character The Weapon-myth
Halfdan's Conflicts Interpreted As Myths Of Nature
Halfdan's Enmity With Orvandel And Svipdag
Halfdan's Identity With Mannus In Germania
Handsome Paul
Hans In Luck
Hans Jagenteufel
Hares And Men
Harry Main: The Treasure And The Cats
Hasjelti And Hostjoghon
Hawaiian Ghosts
Hawaiian Witches
He Who Asks Little Receives Much
He Whom God Helps No One Can Harm
Heads I Win Tails You Lose
Heartbreak Hill
Heimdal And The Sun-dis Dis-goddess
Hemp Seed Sowing
Hen Laying Two Eggs In The Same Day
Hiawatha Or Manabozho
Historic Tradition Of The Upper Tuolumne
Holger Danske
Honesty Rewarded
Horned Toad And Giants
Horse And Hattock
Horse Cursed By Sun
How A Dead Tiger Killed The Princess
How A Dutchman Helped The Spaniards
How A Lad Stole The Giant's Treasure
How A Man Got The Better Of Two Foxes
How A Tiger Was Killed
How Boh Han Me Got His Title
How Fire Was Brought To The Indians
How Flax Was Given To Men
How Havana Got Its Market
How It Was Settled Who Should Rule The World
How Jakhals Fed Oom Leeuw
How Loki Wagered His Head
How Nooee Killed Ee-ee-toy
How Sabai Grass Grew
How Spaniards Were Found To Be Mortal
How Summer Came To The Earth
How The Blossoms Came To The Heather
How The Bluebird Got Its Color
How The Cat Came To Live With Man
How The Cowherd Found A Bride
How The Crime Was Revealed
How The Daylight Came
How The Deer Got His Horns
How The Dog Came To Live With Man
How The Fire Was Brought
How The Fog Came
How The Fox Got His White Breast
How The Hare Deceived The Tiger
How The Jackal Got His Stripe
How The Jelly-fish Lost Its Shell
How The King Of Pagan Caught The Thief
How The Monkey's Colour Became Grey
How The Ox Came To Be The Servant Of Man
How The Peacock Got His Beautiful Feathers
How The Quail Became A Snipe
How The Rattlesnake Learned To Bite
How The Raven Helped Men
How The Sun Goddess Was Enticed Out Of Her Cave
How The Terrapin Beat The Rabbit
How The Tiger Got His Strength
How The Turkey Got His Beard
How The World Was Created
How The World Was Made
How Thor Lost His Hammer
How Thor Went A-fishing
How Thorston Became Rich
How To Grow Rich
Howe's Masquerade
Hunger Valley
Hunting The Stag Lapalang
Huw Llwyd And His Magical Books
Iagoo Chippewa
Ice Man Puts Out The Fire
Icelandic Sources In Regard To Gudmund King On The Glittering Plains
Idas And Marpessa
Iena The Wanderer Or Magic Bundle
Iktomi And The Coyote
Iktomi And The Ducks
Iktomi And The Fawn
Iktomi And The Muskrat
Iktomi And The Turtle
Iktomi's Blanket
Ilia Muromec Of Russia
Illegitimate Children
Imarasugssuaq Who Ate His Wives
Indian Mythology
Informing Bees Of A Death In A Family
Initiation Into Witchcraft
Iosco Or The Prairie Boys' Visit To The Sun And Moon
It Is Considered Unlucky For Bees To Fly Away From Their Owner
Ivan The Fool And St Peter's Fife
Iya The Camp-eater
Jack Dreadnought
Jack Welch's Death Light
Jackal And Monkey
Jackal Dove And Heron
Jackal's Bride
Jean Malin And The Bull-man - A Louisiana Tale
Jiraiya Or The Magic Frog
Jock And His Mother
Jogadhya Uma
Jogeshwar's Marriage
Jordanes On The Emigration Of The Goths Gepidae And Herulians The Migration Saga Of The Burgundians Traces Of An Alamannic Migration Saga
Justice And Injustice
Kagssagssuk The Homeless Boy Who Became A Strong Man
Kai Riu O The Dragon King Of The World Under The Sea
Kara And Guja
Karmu And Dharmu
Kayuta And Waneta
Keaulumoku's Prophecy
Kele And Sedit
Kidd's Treasure
Kiha's Trumpet
King Midas Of The Golden Touch
Kintaro Or The Wild Baby
Kiyohime Or The Power Of Love
Knight Rose
Knocking At The Tomb
Kol Tibichi
Kora And His Sister
Koto And The Bird
Kralewitz Marko Of Servia
Kumagdlak And The Living Arrows
Kuwar And The Rajah's Daughter
Kwasind Or The Fearfully Strong Man
Lady Eleanore's Mantle
Lady Jeffrey's Spirit
Lake Of The Dismal Swamp
Lake Superior Water Gods
Lakhan And The Bongas
Lakhan And The Wild Buffaloes
Last Stand Of The Biloxi
Later Religious Myths And Miracles
Latona And The Rustics
Ledha And The Leopard
Legend Of The Flood
Legend Of The Flood In Sacramento Valley
Legend Of Tis-se'-yak South Dome And North Dome
Legend Of Tu-tok-a-nu'-la El Capitan
Legends Of Rubezahl Or Number-nip
Life Or Death
Life's Secret - A Story Of Bengal
Lily-bell And Thistledown
Lion And Baboon
Lion And Jackal A
Lion Who Thought Himself Wiser Than His Mother
Lion Who Took A Woman's Shape
Lion's Defeat
Lion's Illness
Lion's Share
Lipi And Lapra
Lita And His Animals
Little Annie's Dream Or The Fairy Flower
Little Brother Rabbit
Little Bud
Little Silver's Dream Of The Shoji
Llanddona Witches
Llandegla Spirit
Llanfwrog Changeling Legend
Lledrith Spectre Of A Person
Lo-lale's Lament
Lohengrin And Elsa The Beautiful
Lohiau And The Volcano Princess
Loke Causes Enmity Between The Gods And The Original Artists
Lord Cuttle-fish Gives A Concert
Lord Percy's Dream
Love And Rum
Love And Treason
Love's Secrets
Lovers' Leaps
Luck And Bliss
Luck Comes With A Strange Swarm
Lying For A Wager
Machinitou The Evil Spirit
Maiden Swanwhite And Maiden Foxtail
Manabozho And His Toe
Manabozho In The Fish's Stomach
Manabozho The Wolf
Mangita And Larina
Manstin The Rabbit
Mark Of The Spirit Hand
Marquette's Man-eater
Marriage With Bongas
Martha's Vineyard And Nantucket
Mauns' Stane
Mayrah The Wind That Blows The Winter Away
Meamei The Seven Sisters
Men Captured By Fairies
Menyg Y Tylwyth Teg Or Fairy Gloves
Merionethshire Version Of The Fairy Mother And Human Midwife
Mermaids And Mermen
Micah Rood Apples
Michael Scott
Michel De Coucy's Troubles
Middle Age Sagas With Roots In The Myth Concerning The Lower World Erik Vidforle's Saga
Mimer's Grove Lif And Leifthraser
Mishemokwa The Origin Of The Small Black Bear
Mishosha Or The Magician Of Lake Superior
Miss Britton's Poker
Missing A Butt
Mogg Megone
Mon-daw-min Or The Origin Of Indian Corn
Monsters And Sea-serpents
Moodua Creek
Moodus Noises
Mooregoo The Mopoke And Bahloo The Moon
Mooregoo The Mopoke And Mooninguggahgul The Mosquito Bird
Mother Crewe
Mountain Dweller
Mrs Hannah Smith Nurse
Mukakee Mindemoea Or The Toad-woman
Mukumik! Mukumik! Mukumik!
Mullyangah The Morning Star
Music And Bird Singing Heard Before Death
My Father's Wedding
Mysterious Removal Of Churches
Names Given To The Fairies
Names Of Things Attributed To The Fairies
Narahdarn The Bat
Natural Bridge
Newbury's Old Elm
Nezhik-e-wa-wa-sun Or The Lone Lightning
Night Travelling
Nix's Mate
Norwanchakus And Keriha
Nothing Too Much
Nukunguasik Who Escaped From The Tupilak
Obeah Witches
Odin's Reward
Oedipus And The Sphinx
Of Dains And Ojhas
Oh! - A Cossack Story
Oh: The Tsar Of The Forest
Ojeeg Annung Or The Summer-maker
Okikurumi Samayunguru And The Shark
Old Beliefs Of The Filipinos
Old Esther Dudley
Old Indian Face
Old Man Above And The Grizzlies
Old Mole's Creation
Olelbis And Mem Loimis
Onaiazo The Sky-walker A Legend Of A Visit To The Sun
One Woman In Deceit And Craft Is More Than A Match For Eight Men
Oongnairwah And Guinarey
Opeechee Or The Origin Of The Robin
Origin Of A Name
Origin Of Clear Lake
Origin Of Light
Origin Of The Difference In Modes Of Life Between Hottentots And Bushmen
Origin Of The Fairies
Origin Of The Raven And The Macaw
Origin Of The Saguaro And Palo Verde Cacti
Origin Of Tiis Lake
Osseo Or The Son Of The Evening Star
Other Buried Wealth
Our Lady Of Pilar
Ouyan The Curlew
Over The Divide
Owney And Owney-na-peak
Pah-hah-undootah The Red Head
Panaumbe Penaumbe And The Lord Of Matomai[e]
Panaumbe Penaumbe And The Sea-lion
Panaumbe Penaumbe And The Weeping Foxes
Panaumbe Penaumbe The Fishes And The Insects
Papik Who Killed His Wife's Brother
Parricide Of The Wissahickon
Pass Christian
Passaconaway's Ride To Heaven
Patussorssuaq Who Killed His Uncle
Peach-prince And The Treasure Island
Pearls Of Sulu
Peboan And Seegwun An Allegory Of Winter And Spring
Peeta Kway The Foam-woman
Pele's Hair
Pentrevoelas Squire Griffith's Ghost
Peronnik The Idiot
Perseus The Hero
Persevere And Prosper
Peter Klaus
Peter Rugg The Missing Man
Pezhiu And Wabose Or The Lynx And Hare
Philomel And Progne
Pokoh The Old Man
Police Activity In Humacao
Polly's Lover
Pont-y-glyn Ghost
Pregnant Women
Prester John
Pretty Woman
Prince Chaffinch
Prince Csihan Nettles
Prince Mirko
Princess Finola And The Dwarf
Prometheus And Pandora
Prometheus The Friend Of Man
Providence Hole
Puck Wudj Ininees Or The Vanishing Little Men
Pullet's Egg Divination
Putting Bees In Mourning
Putting Hens To Sit
Qalaganguase Who Passed To The Land Of Ghosts
Qasiagssaq The Great Liar
Quicoy And The Ongloc
Raiko And The Shi-ten Doji
Rain Song
Ram's Wife
Ramai And Somai
Ramai And The Animals
Ramai And The Bonga
Ramjit Bonga
Raven And His Mother-in-law
Raven And The Children
Raven And The Crab
Raven And The Hunters
Raven And The Salmon Woman
Red White And Black
Revenge Of The Accabee
Review Of The Svipdag Myth And Its Points Of Connection With The Myth About Halfdan
Rhaffau'r Tylwyth Teg Or The Ropes Of The Fairies
Rhamanta Or Omen Seeking
Riders Of The Desert
Right And Might
Rip Van Winkle
Ripple The Water-spirit
Robert Lockwood's Fate
Robin Redbreast
Rogers's Slide
Roistering Dirck Van Dara
Roland The Paladin
Rory Macgillivray
Rosemary Charm For Toothache
Sacred Shrines
Sacrifice Of The Toltecs
Sahde Goala
Saint Andrew's Night
Saint Columba
Sale Of The Southwicks
Salem And Other Witchcraft
Samuel Sewall's Prophecy
Sand Painting Of The Song-hunter
Satan And Bell Ringing
Satan And Churches
Satan And His Burial-place
Satan Appearing As A Lovely Maiden
Satan Appearing In Many Forms To A Man Who Travelled On Sunday
Satan Appearing To A Collier
Satan Appearing To A Young Man
Satan Frightening A Man For Gathering Nuts On Sunday
Satan Outwitted
Satan Playing Cards
Satan Playing Cards At A Merry Meeting
Satan Playing Cards On Rhyd-y-cae Bridge_ _pentrevoelas
Satan Snatching A Man Up Into The Air
Satan Taking Possession Of A Man Who Fished On Sunday
Saved By A Lightning-stroke
Saved By His Tail
Saved By The Bible
Saxo Concerning This Same Gudmund Ruler Of The Lower World
Saxo's Relation Of The Story Of Troy
Scef The Author Of Culture Identical With Heimdal-rig The Original Patriarch
Seanchan The Bard And The King Of The Cats
Secret Commonwealth
Secret Enemies In The Hills
Sedit And The Two Brothers Hus
Seven Brothers And Their Sister
Seven-tricks And Single-trick
Shawondasee From
Sheem The Forsaken Boy Or Wolf Brother
Shepherd Paul
Shingebiss An Allegory Of Self-reliance
Shooting Of The Red Eagle
Silent Conflict
Siren Of The French Broad
Sit And Lakhan
Skinner's Cave
Skipper Ireson's Ride
Smells And Jingles
Snake Rings Or Glain Nadroedd
Snake Skin
Snow-white And Rosy-red
Some Serbian Popular Anecdotes
Song Of The Ghost Dance
Sorcery The Reverse Of The Sacred Runes Gullveig-heidr The Source Of Sorcery The Moral Deterioration Of The Original Man
Spanling And His Uncles
Spectral Funerals Or Drychiolaeth
Speech On The Warpath
Spider's Creation
Spirit Laying
Spooks Of The Hiawassee
Standing Rock
Stephen The Murderer
Stolen Bees
Stone-throwing Devils
Stopping Of A Clock
Storied Springs
Stories Of Satan Ghosts Etc
Storm Ship Of The Hudson
Story Of A Lizard A Tiger And A Lame Man
Story Of A Man Who Spent Twelve Months In Fairyland
Story Of Lion And Little Jackal
Story Of The Princess Nang Kam Ung
Strife And Peace
Sukonia's Wives And The Ichpul Sisters
Suppressing Magic In Manila
Swiftly He Turned And Found His Wife Behind Him
Swyno'r 'ryri (charming The Shingles)
Ta-vwots Conquers The Sun
Tailed Men
Tale Of A Corpse Candle
Tales Of Cats
Tales Of The Nisses
Tales Of Treasure
Tales The Gods And The Wolf
Tamanous Of Tacoma
Tau-wau-chee-hezkaw Or The White Feather
Teigue Of The Lee
Testing A Lover's Love By Cracking Of Nuts
Teuz-a-pouliet Or The Dwarf
The Aborigines
The Acorn And The Pumpkin
The Adventures Of John Dietrich
The Ak Uk O Jeesh Or The Groundhog Family
The Alraun
The Ambitious Priest
The Angry Crow
The Animals In Council
The Animals Sick Of The Plague
The Animals' Dam
The Anting-anting Of Captain Von Tollig
The Anting-anting Of Manuelito
The Ape
The Apple Pip Trial Of Lovers
The Arch Rogue
The Ark On Superstition Mountains
The Aryan Family Of Languages
The Aryan Land Of Europe
The Ass And His Masters
The Ass And The Dog
The Ass And The Little Dog
The Ass Carrying Relics
The Ass Dressed In The Lion's Skin
The Ass Loaded With Sponges
The Baa-lambs
The Baby In The Box
The Backwards And Forwards Dance
The Badger And The Bear
The Baker's Dozen
The Bald-headed Eagles
The Ball Game By The Saco
The Barge Of Defeat
The Bat And The Two Weasels
The Battle Of The Ape And The Crab
The Battle Of The Rats And Weasels
The Battle-prayer
The Bear And The Two Companions
The Bear Man
The Beautiful Blanket
The Bedevilled Galleon
The Bee
The Beggar's Presents
The Beginning Of Newness
The Beginning Of Things
The Bible And Key Divination
The Bird Maiden
The Bird Of Flame
The Bird Wounded By An Arrow
The Birds And The Flood
The Birth Of The Fairy Tale
The Biter Bit
The Blacksmith At Brandywine
The Blessed Mao
The Blessing Of The Mendicant
The Blind Man
The Blind Worm Or Slow Worm
The Boat Of Phantom Children
The Bogle
The Bonga Exorcised
The Bonga Headman
The Bonga's Cave
The Bonga's Victim
The Borah Of Byamee
The Boundary Bonga
The Boy And His Fate
The Boy And His Stepmother
The Boy And The Beast
The Boy From The Bottom Of The Sea Who Frightened The People Of The House To Death
The Boy Who Became A God
The Boy Who Found His Father
The Boy Who Learnt Magic
The Boy Who Snared The Sun
The Boy Who Was Changed Into A Dog
The Boy With The Stag
The Boys Who Were Not Appreciated
The Brahman's Clothes
The Brahman's Powers
The Brave Jackal
The Breach Of Peace Between Asas And Vans Frigg Skade And Ull In The Conflict
The Bride Bewitched
The Bridegroom Who Spoke In Riddles
The Broad House
The Broken Friendship
The Brownie
The Buccaneer
The Buccaneers
The Bullfrog And The Crab
The Bunbundoolooeys
The Calydonian Hunt
The Cambro-briton Version Of The Myddvai Legend
The Camel And The Floating Sticks
The Candle And Pin Divination
The Cannibals
The Canoe Breaker
The Captive
The Caribs
The Carter In The Mire
The Cat And The Fox
The Cat And The Two Sparrows
The Cat The Cock And The Fox
The Caterpillar Boy
The Catskill Witch
The Cave In The Side Of Coron
The Cellar Of The Old Knights In The Kyffhauser
The Changed Calf
The Charitable Jogi
The Charitable Raja
The Charms Performed With Rosemary
The Chase Of Taito Perico
The Child Of A God
The Child Of The Thunder
The Child Who Knew His Father
The Child With The Ears Of An Ox
The Children And The Vultures
The Children In The Moon
The Children Of Cloud
The Children Of L╬r
The Children Of Two Rich Men
The Christianizing Of Wong
The Church In Porto Rico
The Cid
The Cited
The Clever Deceiver
The Cliff Of Sinikielt
The Cloud People
The Cock
The Cock And The Fox
The Coffin Of Snakes
The Coldest Season
The Comanche Rider
The Coming Of Arthur
The Coming Of Men A Long Long While Ago
The Coming Of The Navajos
The Conclave Of Corpses
The Conjure Man Of Siargao
The Conjuror And The Cattle
The Conjuror's Dress
The Consecration Of Washington
The Conversion Of Amambar
The Cooing Of The Doves
The Cookooburrahs And The Goolahgool
The Corn Maidens
The Corpse Bird Or Deryn Corph
The Corpse Candle--canwyll Corph
The Corpse Of The Raja's Son
The Cortelyou Elopement
The Corwrion Version
The Council Held By The Rats
The Count's Daughter
The Countryman And The Serpent
The Courageous Flute-player
The Course Of The Sun
The Court Of Antiochus
The Courteous Battle
The Courtship Of Myles Standish
The Crab Tried To Eat The Moon
The Crane And The Hummingbird
The Cranes Of Ibycus
The Creation Of Heaven And Earth
The Creation Of Man The Primeval Country Scef The Bringer Of Culture
The Creation Of Man-kind And The Flood
The Creation Of The World
The Crime Of Black Swamp
The Crow
The Crow And Cat Of Hopkinshill
The Crow And The Egret
The Crow's Nest
The Cruel Stepmother
The Crumbling Silver
The Cuckoo
The Cuckoo Y Gog
The Culprit Fay
The Cunning Fox
The Cure For Laziness
The Cyclops
The Dance For Water Or Rabbit's Triumph
The Dancers
The Daughters Of The Star
The Day Of Swarming
The Daydreamer
The Dead
The Dead Ship Of Harpswell
The Deaf Family
The Death Bree
The Death Of Adonis
The Death Of Baldur
The Death Of Umatilla
The Death Waltz
The Decision Of Libuscha
The Deer With The Golden Horn A Specimen Of Aino History
The Deformed Of Zoar
The Delawares
The Deluge
The Destruction Of The Vahahkkees
The Devil And The Dalles
The Devil And The Red Cap
The Devil And The Three Slovak Lads
The Devil And Tom Walker
The Devil Appearing To A Dissenting Minister At Denbigh
The Devil's Bridge
The Devil's Dance-chamber
The Devil's Mill
The Devil's Stepping-stones
The Devil's Tree By Eglwys Rhos
The Disappointed Priest
The Discovery Of The Upper World
The Divining Rod
The Division Of The Saranacs
The Division Of Two Tribes
The Dog And His Master's Dinner
The Dog Bride
The Dog Gellert
The Dog Whose Ears Were Cropped
The Dog's Howl
The Doomed Rider
The Dormouse
The Dove And The Ant
The Dracae
The Dragon With Many Heads
The Dragon-giant And His Stone-steed
The Dream
The Dream Of Juiwaiyu And His Journey To Damhauja's Country
The Dream Of The King's Son
The Dream Story Of Gojiro
The Drop Star
The Dumb Shepherd
The Dwarf-sword Tirfing
The Dwarfs
The Dwarfs' Banquet
The Eagle And The Magpie
The Eagle And The Owl
The Eagle And The Whale
The Eagle Crest
The Ears Of The Hare
The Earth-hardening After The Flood
The Earthen Pot And The Iron Pot
The Earthquake Fish
The Egg Shell Pottage
The Eighth Labor
The Ejectment Of The Evil Spirit From Llanfor Church
The Elephant And The Ants
The Eleventh Labor
The Elf Dancers Of Cae Caled
The Elves
The Enchanted Cave
The Enchanted Crow
The Enchanted Lake
The Enchanted Moccasins
The Enchanted Mountain
The Envious Sisters
The Envy Of Manitou
The Escape Of Francois Navarre
The Escape Of Juanita
The Evil Maker
The Evil Spirit Appearing To A Man Who Frequented Alehouses On Sunday
The Expeditious Frog
The Extortionate Sentry
The Fable Of The Animals
The Face Of The Manito
The Fairies And Their Chest Of Gold
The Fairies Cliff
The Fairies Giving Money To A Man For Joining Them In Their Dance
The Fairies Of Merlin's Craig
The Fairies Placing Money On The Ground For A Poor Man
The Fairies Rewarding A Woman For Taking Care Of Their Dog
The Fairies Threw Dust Into A Man's Eyes Who Saw Them Dance
The Fairies' Dancing-place
The Fairies' Well
The Fairy Boy Of Leith
The Fairy Cow
The Fairy Greyhound
The Fairy Shilling
The Fairy Tree Of Dooros
The Faithful Husband
The Faithful Wife
The Faithlessness Of Sinogo
The Fall Of Polobulac
The Falls At Cohoes
The Fatal Forget-me-not
The Father And The Father-in-law
The Father-in-law's Visit
The Fatherless Birds
The Feast Of Dedication
The Feast Of The Dwarfs
The Feast Of The Mountain Goats
The Ferryman
The Fiddler And The Bogle Of Bogandoran
The Fifteenth Wife
The Fifth Labor
The Finding Of Fire
The Fire Plume
The Fire-fly's Lovers
The First Appearance Of The Horse In Aino-land
The First Battle In The World And The Making Of The Yana
The First Fire
The First Labor
The First Liberal Church
The First Man And Woman
The First Strawberry
The First Struggle
The Fisherman And His Wife
The Fisherman And The Merman
The Fisherman And The Moon-maiden
The Five Water-spirits
The Flaming Castle
The Flight Of Tsanunewa And Defeat Of Hehku
The Flood And The Theft Of Fire
The Flood At Santa Fe
The Flower's Lesson
The Flycatcher's Egg
The Flying Lion
The Fool Who Sold Wisdom
The Foolish Sons
The Forest Smithy
The Formation Of The Earth
The Fortunes Of Ai Powlo
The Four Gifts
The Four Jogis
The Four Winds
The Fourth Labor
The Fox And The Badger
The Fox And The Cat
The Fox And The Tiger No I
The Fox And The Turkeys
The Fox The Flies And The Hedgehog
The Fox The Monkey And The Animals
The Fox The Otter And The Monkey
The Fox The Wolf And The Horse
The Foxes And The Sun
The Frankish Migration Saga
The Frog Princess - A Russian Story
The Frolic Of The Flames
The Frost-king Or The Power Of Love
The Funeral Fire
The Galah And Oolah The Lizard
The Galloping Hessian
The Geographical Position Of Ancient Teutondom The Stone Age Of Prehistoric Teutondom
The Ghormuhas
The Ghost Of San Geronimo
The Ghosts Of Craig-aulnaic
The Giant Bear
The Giant Dog
The Giant Gods
The Giants' Mountain And The Temple
The Girl Who Always Found Helpers
The Girl Who Became A Bird
The Girl Who Found Helpers
The Girl Who Married The Fire Spirit
The Girl Who Married The Pine-tree
The Girl Who Rejected Her Cousin
The Girl With The Golden Hair
The Girl Without Hands
The Glass Hatchet
The Gloddaeth Ghost
The Gloucester Leaguers
The Goala And The Cow
The Goala's Daughter
The Goat Sucker
The Goblin Bird
The Goddess Who Came To Live With Mankind
The Goddesses Ka Ngot And Ka Iam
The Gods And The Six Regions
The Golden Apple-tree And The Nine Peahens
The Golden Duck
The Golden Fleece
The Golden Slipper
The Golden Spears
The Golden-haired Twins
The Good Daughter-in-law
The Good King Arthur
The Good Little Spirit
The Good Old Times
The Goose
The Goose-girl
The Gore Goch Changeling Legend
The Gorgon's Head
The Governor's Right Eye
The Grasping Raja
The Grasshopper And The Ant
The Grateful Bandits
The Grave Of Pupehe
The Gray Champion
The Gray Goose
The Great Bear
The Great Boaster
The Great Carbuncle
The Great Earthquake
The Great Famine
The Great Fire
The Great Fire-mountain
The Great Flood
The Great Knight Siegfried
The Greatest Cheat Of Seven
The Greedy Priest
The Green Picture
The Grey Mare In The Garret
The Groac'h Of The Isle Of Lok
The Guiding Duck And The Lake Of Death
The Guillemot That Could Talk
The Gwineeboos The Redbreasts
The Hakas And The Tennas
The Hammer Of Thor
The Hare And The Partridge
The Haunted Mill
The Haunted Ships
The Hawaiian Iliad
The Hawaiian Orpheus And Eurydice
The Head And The Tail Of The Serpent
The Headless Skeleton Of Swamptown
The Heifer The Goat And The Sheep
The Herd Boy And The Witches
The Heron
The Hidden Golden Chair
The Hill-man Invited To The Christening
The History Of Ali Cogia - From The Arabian Nights
The Hobomak
The Hog The Goat And The Sheep
The Home Of Thunder
The Hornets And The Bees
The Horse And The Wolf
The House Accursed
The House Bonga
The House In The Lake
The Humpbacked Manitou
The Hundredth Skull
The Hunt Of Lion And Jackal
The Hunter Hackelnberg And The Tut-osel
The Hunter In Hades
The Hunter Of Calawassee
The Hunter Who Became A Deer
The Hunting Princes
The Huntsman's Son
The Hussar And The Servant Girl
The Hyaena Outwitted
The Hypothesis Concerning The Asiatic Origin Of The Aryans
The Hypothesis Concerning The European Origin Of The Aryans
The Icelandic Sorceresses
The Idiot And The Hyndet Bread
The Indian Messiah
The Indian Plume
The Industrious Bride
The Influence Of The Moon
The Inland-dwellers Of Etah
The Insects That Wooed A Wifeless Man
The Invisible Shepherd Lad
The Iron Wolf
The Island Of Women
The Jackal And The Chickens
The Jackal And The Crocodiles
The Jackal And The Crow
The Jackal And The Hare
The Jackal And The Leopards
The Jackal And The Wolf
The Jackal Punished
The Jackdaw
The Japanese Sword
The Jealous Stepmother
The Jeebi Or Two Ghosts From The Odjibwa
The Jew In The Bush
The Jewels Of The Ebbing And The Flowing Tide
The Joker And The Fishes
The Journey Home
The Journey To The Island Of Souls
The Judgment Of Baboon
The Justice Of In Ta Pome
The Justice Of Tacon
The Kaws And Osages
The Keusca Elopement
The Killing Of Cloudy Sky
The Killing Of The Rakhas
The Killing Of The Tiger
The Kind Giver And The Grudging Giver
The King And His Inquisitive Queen
The King And The Devil
The King Of The Bhuyans
The Kingship Of Umi
The Knell At The Wedding
The Knighting Of Cuculain
The Koeri And The Barber
The Korils Of Plauden
The Labors Of Hercules
The Ladrones
The Lady Of Gollerus
The Lady Of The Twilight
The Lady Ursula
The Laird O' Co'
The Laird Of Balmachie's Wife
The Lake Of The Lute And The Matchless Mountain
The Lamb Of Sacrifice
The Lamb With The Golden Fleece
The Lantern And The Fan
The Last Revel In Printz Hall
The Last Shot At Germantown
The Laughing Fish
The Lazy Cat
The Lazy Man
The Lazy Spinning-girl Who Became A Queen
The Leader And The Man
The Leap Of Ka Likai
The Legend Of Blackwater
The Legend Of Dhruva
The Legend Of Ka Panshandi The Lazy Tortoise
The Legend Of Llyn Y Ddau Ychain
The Legend Of Mackinac Island
The Legend Of Mount Sophet Bneng
The Legend Of O-na-wut-a-qut-o
The Legend Of Paracelsus
The Legend Of Rheineck
The Legend Of Saint Galonnek
The Legend Of The Iei Tree
The Legend Of The Rice
The Legend Of Thorgunna
The Legend Of U Raitong The Khasi Orpheus
The Leopard Outwitted
The Lewiston Hermit
The Light Of The Fly
The Lion And Jackal
The Lion And Jackal 2
The Lion And The Ass Hunting
The Lion And The Gnat
The Lion And The Hunter
The Lion And The Monkey
The Lion Beaten By The Man
The Lion Going To War
The Lion The Jackal And The Man
The Lion The Wolf And The Fox
The Lioness And The Bear
The Lioness And The Ostrich
The Little Glass Shoe
The Little Magic Pony
The Little Man In Grey
The Little People
The Little Red Tortoise
The Little Shroud
The Little Weaver Of Duleek Gate
The Little White Cat
The Llandrillo Version
The Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Version
The Llanfrothen Legend
The Lobster And Her Daughter
The Lone Lightning
The Long Winter
The Longobardian Migration Saga
The Loss Of Jacob Hurd
The Loss Of Weetamoo
The Lost Bell
The Lost Book
The Lost Grave Of Paine
The Lost Message
The Lost Trail
The Lover's Ghost
The Lovers' Leap
The Loves Of The Thunder-gods
The Lucky Days
The Magic Bedstead
The Magic Cow
The Magic Egg
The Magic Fiddle
The Magic Lamp
The Magic Pipe - A Norse Tale
The Magic Spear
The Magic Turban The Magic Sword And The Magic Carpet - A Persian Story
The Magic Well
The Magician Of Lake Huron
The Magician's Daughter
The Magician's Glass
The Magpie
The Magpie Teaching A Wood Pigeon How To Make A Nest
The Maid In The Box
The Maiden Who Loved A Fish
The Maiden Wiser Than The Tsar
The Maiden's Trial
The Man And His Image
The Man And The Wooden God
The Man In The Moon
The Man Who Avenged The Widows
The Man Who Became A Star
The Man Who Entertained Bears
The Man Who Lost His Wife
The Man Who Married The Bear-goddess
The Man Who Married The Thunder's Sister
The Man Who Never Knew Fear
The Man Who Stabbed His Wife In The Leg
The Man Who Took A Vixen To Wife
The Man Who Was Changed Into A Fox
The Man Who Went Out To Search For His Son
The Man-fish
The Man-tiger
The Marriage Of Mount Katahdin
The Matanzas Obeah Woman
The Materials Of The Icelandic Troy Saga
The May-pole Of Merrymount
The Mayamah
The Meal Of Frothi
The Meester Stoorworm - A Story From Scotland
The Meeting Of The Star-lovers
The Men Of The Early Times
The Men Who Changed Wives
The Merchant's Son And The Raja's Daughter
The Mermaid Wife
The Mermaids
The Messengers Of Death
The Mice And The Owl
The Midnight Burial
The Migration Of The Water People
The Minister And The Fairy
The Misdoing Of Kamapua
The Miser And The Monkey
The Miser's Servant
The Misfortunes Of Paw Yan
The Missing Soldier Of Valley Forge
The Moaning Sisters
The Mongoose Boy
The Monkey And The Cat
The Monkey And The Girl
The Monkey And The Leopard
The Monkey Boy
The Monkey Husband
The Monkey Nursemaid
The Monkey's Fiddle
The Monkeys And The Crabs
The Monks At The Ferry
The Monster Mosquitoe
The Moose Of Mount Kineo
The Mountain Of Venus
The Mountain Spirits And The Stone Mortars
The Mourner's Home
The Mouse Tower
The Myddvai Legend
The Mysterious Islands
The Nain Rouge
The Nanhwynan Version
The Naughty Grandchildren
The New Haven Storm Ship
The Next World
The Ninth Labor
The Nuns Of Carthage
The Oak And The Reed
The Obstinacy Of Saint Clair
The Oilman And His Sons
The Oilman's Bullock
The Old Cat And The Young Mouse
The Old Chippeway
The Old Dog
The Old Lodger
The Old Man And The Ass
The Old Man Of The Sea
The Old Mill At Somerville
The Old Stone Mill
The Old Stump
The Old Woman And Her Servants
The Old Woman And The Tides
The Older Periods Of The Troy Saga
The Origin Of Betel And Tobacco
The Origin Of Death
The Origin Of Lightning
The Origin Of Sickness And Medicine
The Origin Of The Hare
The Origin Of The Mole
The Origin Of The Narran Lake
The Origin Of The Story In Regard To The Trojan Descent Of The Franks
The Origin Of Tobacco
The Origin Of White-fish
The Origins Of The Totems And Of Names
The Ostrich Hunt
The Owl
The Owl And The Tortoise
The Owl Gets Married
The Owl Tree
The Oyster And The Litigants
The Paharia Socialists
The Palace Of The Proud King
The Pale Faced Lightning
The Partridge Witch
The Party From Gibbet Island
The Passing Of Arthur
The Passing Of Loku
The Passover Feast
The Pawnees
The Peacock In The Sky
The Pelican
The Pentrevoelas Legend
The Pericos
The Phantom Dragoon
The Phantom Drummer
The Phantom Train Of Marshall Pass
The Pious Woman
The Piper
The Place And The People
The Ploughman And His Sons
The Poor Widow
The Position Of The Divine Clans To The Warriors
The Position Of The Private Parts
The Pottawatomies
The Powis Castle Ghost Revealing A Hidden Box To A Woman
The Pre-eminence Of The Oak Pine-tree And Mugwort
The Prince Of The Glow-worms
The Prince Who Acquired Wisdom
The Prince Who Found Two Wives
The Prince Who Would Not Marry
The Prisoner In American Shaft
The Procession Of Lord Long-legs
The Prohibited Food
The Prophet Of Palmyra
The Prophetic Dream
The Punishment Of Loki
The Pwka Or Pwca
The Quarrel Of The Dogs And Cats
The Queen Of Death Valley
The Queer Little Animal
The Raibar And The Leopard
The Raja Who Went To Heaven
The Raja's Advice
The Raja's Dream
The Raja's Son And The Merchants Son
The Ram With The Golden Fleece
The Ramapo Salamander
The Rat And The Elephant
The Rat And The Owl
The Rat And The Oyster
The Rat Boy
The Rat Retired From The World
The Raven
The Raven And The Goose
The Raven Who Wanted A Wife
The Reason For There Being No Fixed Time For Human Beings To Copulate
The Rebellion Of Kamiole
The Red Swan
The Reproof
The Result Of The Foregoing Investigations
The Resurrections Of Kaha
The Retreat From Mahopac
The Revenge Of Josiah Breeze
The Revenge Of Shandaken
The Rising Of Gouverneur Morris
The Rival Fiddlers
The Rival Kempers
The River Of Lost Souls
The Royal Ascetic And The Hind
The Sack Of Troy
The Sacred Fire Of Nachez
The Sacred Runes Learned From Heimdal
The Saga In Heimskringla And The Prose Edda
The Sailing Of Paao
The Salem Alchemist
The Salt Witch
The Sarsagun Maiden
The Saxon And Swabian Migration Saga
The Sazaye And The Tai
The Scare Cure
The Schoolboy And The Bonga
The Schoolmaster Had Not Reached Orrington
The Sea Gull
The Seal-catcher's Adventure
The Search For The Corn Maidens
The Search For The Middle And The Hardening Of The World
The Second Labor
The Secret-keeping Little Boy And His Little Sword
The Self-burning Fire
The Serpent Prince
The Serpent-tsarevich And His Two Wives
The Serpent-wife
The Seven Brothers And The Bonga Girl
The Seven Patrons Of Happiness
The Seven Sleepers Of Ephesus
The Seventh Labor
The Sex Of The Two Luminaries
The Shadow Wife
The Sham Child
The Shawnees
The Shepherd And His Dog
The Shepherd And His Flock
The Shepherd And The Lion
The Shepherd And The Sea
The Shepherd And The Serpent
The Shrieking Woman
The Sick Stag
The Significance Of The Conflict From A Religious-ritual Standpoint
The Sikhar Raja
The Silence Broken
The Silent Wife
The Silver Shower
The Sioux
The Sister-in-law Who Was A Witch
The Six Hawks Or Broken Wing
The Sixth Labor
The Skeleton In Armor
The Skull In The Wall
The Sky Walker Of Huron
The Sleep Fairies
The Snail And The Beaver
The Snake God Of Belle Isle
The Snake Serpent
The Snoring Of Swunksus
The Snowdon Version
The Sociable Fairies
The Solitary Fairies
The Son Of Llech Y Derwydd And The Fairies
The Song-hunter
The Sons Of The Kherohuri Raja
The Soul That Lived In The Bodies Of All Beasts
The Sparrow And The Bush
The Sparrow's Wonderful Brood
The Speaking Crab
The Speaking Grapes The Smiling Apple And The Tinkling Apricot
The Spectre Laundresses
The Spell Of Creve Ciur Lake
The Spider And The Swallow
The Spider Tower
The Spirit Land
The Spirit Of Cloudy
The Spirit Of Llyn-nad-y-forwyn
The Spirit Of Mt Apo
The Spirit-guarded Cave
The Spirits And The Lovers
The Spook Of Misery Hill
The Springs Of Blood And Water
The Squirrel
The Stag And The Snail
The Stag And The Vine
The Star Family Or Celestial Sisters
The Stars And The Pine
The Stars And The Stars' Road
The Stealing Of Iduna
The Stepmother And Her Stepdaughter
The Stingy Daughter
The Stolen Charm
The Stolen Treasure
The Stone Canoe
The Stones Of Plouhinec
The Stories Of Buffalo And Bison
The Stories Of Gidar The Jackal And Coyote The Prairie Wolf
The Stories Of Oohoo The Wolf And Sher Abi The Crocodile
The Stories Of White Yellow And Black Leopard
The Story Of A Dam
The Story Of A Simpleton
The Story Of A Tiger
The Story Of Ah-ahn-he-eat-toe-pahk Mahkai
The Story Of Argilius And The Flame-king
The Story Of Big Tusk The Wild Boar
The Story Of Birds Of A Feather
The Story Of Bitaram
The Story Of Corn And Tobacco
The Story Of Ee-ee-toy's Army
The Story Of Hare
The Story Of Hathi Ganesh The White-eared Elephant
The Story Of Hawawk
The Story Of Iphigenia
The Story Of Ivan And The Daughter Of The Sun
The Story Of Jhore
The Story Of Kara And Guja
The Story Of Lelha
The Story Of Little Tsar Novishny The False Sister And The Faithful Beasts
The Story Of Nahvahchoo
The Story Of Pahtahnkum
The Story Of Raj Bagh The King Tiger
The Story Of Sa'-zada Zoo Keeper
The Story Of Sindura Gand Garur
The Story Of Sit And Bosont
The Story Of Sohahnee Mahkai And Kawkoinpuh
The Story Of Tawquahdahmawks And Her Canal
The Story Of Tcheunassat Seeven
The Story Of The Bees And The Flies
The Story Of The Beginning
The Story Of The Children Of Cloud
The Story Of The Creation
The Story Of The Earth And The Sky
The Story Of The First Ants
The Story Of The First Butterflies
The Story Of The First Diamonds
The Story Of The First Emeralds
The Story Of The First Frog
The Story Of The First Grasshopper
The Story Of The First Mocking-bird
The Story Of The First Moles
The Story Of The First Pearls
The Story Of The First Snowdrops
The Story Of The First Whitefish
The Story Of The First Woodpecker
The Story Of The Flood
The Story Of The Forty-first Brother
The Story Of The Gambler's War
The Story Of The Indian Corn
The Story Of The Monkeys
The Story Of The Oriole
The Story Of The Picture On The Vase
The Story Of The Tortoise
The Story Of The Tribe Of King Cobra
The Story Of The Turquoises And The Red Bird
The Story Of The Unlucky Days
The Story Of The Wind
The Story Of Tremsin The Bird Zhar And Nastasia The Lovely Maid Of The Sea
The Story Of Two Princesses
The Story Of Unlucky Daniel
The Story Of Unt The Camel
The Story Of Vandaih The Man-eagle
The Story Of Wayhohm Toehahvs And Tottai
The Strange Builder
The Strange Dream
The Strange Guests
The Straw Ox
The Strong Man
The Student Who Was Forcibly Made King
The Study Of Magic Under Difficulties
The Sturgeon
The Summer-maker
The Sun A Bushman Legend
The Sun And The Frogs
The Sun And The Moon
The Sun Fire At Sault Sainte Marie
The Sun-catcher Or Boy Who Set A Snare For The Sun
The Swallow
The Swallowing Earthquake
The Swan
The Swan And The Cook
The Swift
The Swim At Indian Head
The Swing By The Lake
The Talking Eggs - A Story From Louisiana
The Telltale Wife
The Ten Princes
The Tengus Or The Elves With Long Noses
The Tenth Labor
The Terrestrial Paradise
The Teutonic Emigration Saga Found In Tacitus
The Theft Of Fire
The Thief's Son
The Thieves And The Ass
The Third Labor
The Thirsty Quails
The Three Brothers
The Three Dogs
The Three Dreams
The Three Fools
The Three Oranges
The Three Princes
The Three Princes The Three Dragons And The Old Woman With The Iron Nose
The Three Princesses
The Three Silver Citrons - A Persian Story
The Three Suitors
The Three Valuable Things
The Three Wayfarers
The Three Wives Of Laa
The Thunder Spirits
The Thunderers
The Tiger And The Monkeys
The Tiger And Ulta's Mother
The Tiger Cub And The Calf
The Tiger The Ram And The Jackal
The Tiger's Bride
The Tiger's Foster Child
The Tigers And The Cat
The Toad And The Boy
The Tobacco Of Harisaboqued
The Tongue-cut Sparrow
The Too Particular Wife
The Torrent Spectre
The Tortoise And The Two Ducks
The Tory's Conversion
The Trade That No One Knows
The Tragedy Of Spouting Cave
The Transmigration Of Souls
The Travels Of Truth And Falsehood
The Travels Of Two Frogs
The Tree-bound
The Tribe That Grew Out Of A Shell
The Triumph Of Truth - A Hindu Story
The Troy Saga In Heimskringla And The Prose Edda
The Tsar And The Angel
The Twelfth Labor
The Twelve Lost Princesses And The Wizard King
The Twilight Of The Gods
The Twin Stars
The Two Asses
The Two Brothers
The Two Brothers Jhorea And Jhore
The Two Bulls And The Frog
The Two Camps
The Two Chinamen
The Two Dogs And The Dead Ass
The Two Foxes The Mole And The Crows
The Two Friends Who Set Off To Travel Round The World
The Two Goats
The Two Little Outcasts
The Two Misers
The Two Mules
The Two Orphans
The Two Princes
The Two Rats The Fox And The Egg
The Two Rings
The Two Sisters Haka Lasi And Tsore Jowa
The Two Skeletons Of Columbus
The Two Witches
The Two Wives
The Under Land
The Undying Head
The Unfaithful Wife
The Ungrateful Children And The Old Father Who Went To School Again
The Ungrateful Fisherman
The Ungrateful Snake
The Unknown Champion
The Vampire And St Michael
The Vanderdecken Of Tappan Zee
The Various Graves Of Kaulii
The Very Obstinate Man
The Very Wonderful Adventures Of Pista The Swineherd
The Victor's Return
The Virgin's Diamond
The Virgins' Feast
The Vision Of Rescue
The Vision On Mount Adams
The Voice In The Inn
The Voices At The Window
The Voyager Of Whulge
The Vultures And The Pigeons
The Waits Of Bremen
The Wallet
The Wandering Jew
The War In Midgard Between Halfdan's Sons
The Warlike Seven
The Washing Test
The Watcher On White Island
The Water Spirit
The Waterfall Of Yoro Or The Fountain Of Youth
The Wax-candle
The Weary Watcher
The Weasel In The Granary
The Weeoonibeens And The Piggiebillah
The Weird Of The Three Arrows
The Weird Sentinel At Squaw Peak
The Wessaguscus Hanging
The Whispering Grass
The White Deer Of Onota
The White Feather
The White Inn
The White Maiden
The White Man And Snake
The White Mountains
The White Stone Canoe
The Wicked Stepmother
The Wicked Wizard Punished
The Widow Velarde's Husband
The Widow's Punishment
The Widow's Son
The Widow's Son - A Scandinavian Tale
The Widower And His Daughter
The Wife Who Could Not Keep A Secret
The Wife Who Lied
The Wife Who Would Not Be Beaten
The Wild Man Of Cape Cod
The Wind And The Sun
The Windam Frogs
The Windmaker
The Winged Hunter
The Winning Of A Bride
The Winning Of Halai Auna At The House Of Tuina
The Wise Daughter-in-law
The Wise Girl - A Serbian Story
The Wishes
The Witch Of Pictured Rocks
The Witches' Revenge On Huw Llwyd
The Wizard And The Beggar
The Wolf Accusing The Fox
The Wolf And The Fox
The Wolf And The Lean Dog
The Wolf And The Nightingale
The Wolf The Goat And The Kid
The Wolf Turned Shepherd
The Woman Of Stone
The Woman Who Became A Beaver
The Woman Who Had A Bear As A Foster-son
The Woman With The Iron Tail
The Women's Sacrifice
The Wonderful Ball
The Wonderful Frog
The Wonderful Plough
The Wonderful Rod
The Wonderful Tea-kettle
The Wondrous Story Of Ivan Golik And The Serpents
The Wood Pigeon
The Wooden Wife
The Woodman And Mercury
The Woods And The Woodman
The Words German And Germanic
The Words Of Untold Value
The World War Its Cause The Murder Of Gullveig-heidr
The World's Beautiful Woman
The World's Reward
The Worship Of The Salmon The Divine Fish
The Wraith Ringer Of Atlanta
The Wrath Of Manitou
The Wren
The Wronged Wife
The Wyandots
The Young Piper
The Youngest Prince And The Youngest Princess
The Ystrad Legend
The Zebra Stallion
The [horned] Owl
There Are Such Women
Theseus And The Centaur
Thirteen At A Table
Thomas The Rhymer
Thor's Journey To The Land Of Giants
Thor's Wonderful Journey
Thunder And Lightning
Time Of Bee Swarming
Tipi And Tepa
Tit Major Or Sawyer
Titindi Maupa And Paiowa The Youngest Daughter Of Wakara
To Aid Beast Is Merit To Aid Man Is But Vanity
Toccoa Falls
Tolaethdeath Rapping Or Knocking
Told At The Club
Toothache Charms
Tortoises Hunting Ostriches
Traditions Of Wanderings
Trials Of The Heart
Troi Crysau Or Clothes Drying Test
Tungujuluk And Saunikoq
Twardowski The Polish Faust
Twelfth Night At Cahokia
Two Lives For One
Two Revenges
Two Runaways From Manila
Ty Felin Ghost Llanynys
Tymawr Ghost Bryneglwys
Tyr And The Wolf
U Biskurom
U Ksuid Tynjang
U Ramhah
U Thlen The Snake-vampire
United In The Grave
Van Wempel's Goose
Wa-wa-be-zo-win Or The Swing On The Pictured Rocks Of Lake Superior
Wahconah Falls
Wallen's Ridge
Was It The First Turtle?
Watanabe Cuts Off The Oni's Arm
Watanabe Kills The Great Spider
Water Caves
Water In Basin Divination
Wayarnbeh The Turtle
Wayland The Smith
Wealth Or Wisdom
Weary Wanderings
Weedah The Mocking Bird
Weeng The Spirit Of Sleep
Were-wolves Of Detroit
What Caused The Shadows On The Moon
What Makes The Eclipse
What Makes The Lightning
When Lion Could Fly
When The Lilies Return
When The Ravens Could Speak
Whippety Stourie
Who Was King?
Who Was The Thief?
Whooping Cough Charm
Why All Men Love The Moon
Why Dogs Cannot Speak
Why Has Jackal A Long Black Stripe On His Back?
Why King Congo Was Late
Why Odin Was Given Antenor's Place As Leader Of The Trojan Emigration
Why Possum Has A Large Mouth
Why Spuyten Duyvil Is So Named
Why The Apaches Are Fierce
Why The Aspen Leaves Tremble
Why The Bear Has A Short Tail
Why The Cat Always Falls Upon Her Feet
Why The Cock Cannot Fly
Why The Crocodile Has A Wide Mouth
Why The Deer's Teeth Are Blunt
Why The Dove Is Timid
Why The Evergreen Trees Never Lose Their Leaves
Why The Face Of The Moon Is White
Why The Goat Lives With Mankind
Why The Hare's Nose Is Slit
Why The Heron Has A Crooked Neck
Why The Hoofs Of The Deer Are Split
Why The Hyena Is Lame
Why The Juniper Has Berries
Why The Lip Of The Elephant Droops
Why The Magpie's Nest Is Not Well Built
Why The Parrot And The Minor Bird But Echo The Words Of Man
Why The Parrot Repeats The Words Of Men
Why The Peacock's Tail Has A Hundred Eyes
Why The Peetweet Cries For Rain
Why The Possum's Tail Is Bare
Why The Rabbit Is Timid
Why The Raven's Feathers Are Black
Why The Sea Is Salt
Why The Serpent Sheds His Skin
Why The Swallow's Tail Is Forked
Why The Tail Of The Fox Has A White Tip
Why The Water In Rivers Is Never Still
Why The White Hares Have Black Ears
Why The Woodpecker's Head Is Red
Why The Wren Flies Close To The Earth
Why There Is A Hare In The Moon
Why There Is A Man In The Moon
William Tell
Wirreenun The Rainmaker
Witch Stories
Witches And Conjurors
Witches Punished
Witches Transforming Themselves Into Cats
With What Measure Ye Mete
Wizard's Glen
Woman's Curiosity
Y Fuwch Frech The Freckled Cow
Y Fuwch Gyfeiliorn The Stray Cow
Yet They Call It Lover's Leap
Ymenyn Y Tylwyth Teg Or Fairy Butter
Yorimasa The Brave Archer
Yosemite Valley
Yr Ellyll Dan Or Goblin Fire
Ysbryd Ystrad Fawr
Another Time'
As I Will Now Set Forth To Thee: 'daughter Of Leda Send Not Thy
C The Divorce
Iphigenia Who Am Alive And Yet Dead To My Own People Bid Thee----'
Prometheus The Friend of Man
That Is Red With The Blood Of Strangers Whereat I Serve' And If
The Great English Poet Alfred Tennyson Told It In His Idylls Of The
The Overlordship Of Eurystheus Will Be Qualified On Condition That
This Is Done Hercules Shall Be Numbered Among The Immortal Gods
Thou Seest Her In Me But Interrupt Me Not 'i Bid Thee Fetch Me
Written Therein Is This: 'i That Was Sacrificed In Aulis Even
_ Goose Flying Over A House