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Snake Rings Or Glain Nadroedd


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

Mention is made in Camden of snake rings. Omitting certain remarks not
connected with the matter directly, he writes:--In some parts of Wales
we find it a common opinion of the vulgar that about Midsummer Eve
(though in the time they do not all agree) 'tis usual for snakes to meet
in companies, and that by joyning heads together and hissing, a kind of
Bubble is form'd like a ring about the head of one of them, which the
rest by continual hissing, blow on till it comes off at the tail, and
then it immediately hardens, and resembles a glass ring; which whoever
finds (as some old women and children are persuaded) shall prosper in all
his undertakings. The above quotation is in Gibson's additions to
Camden, and it correctly states the popular opinion. Many of these rings
formerly existed, and they seemed to be simply glass rings. They were
thought to possess many healing virtues, as, for instance, it could cure
wens and whooping cough, and I believe I have heard it said that it could
cure the bite of a mad dog.

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