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The Great Fire-mountain

Source: The Book Of Nature Myths

Long, long ago, when the earth was very young, two hunters were
traveling through the forest. They had been on the track of a deer for
many days, and they were now far away from the village where they lived.
The sun went down and night came on. It was dark and gloomy, but over in
the western sky there came a bright light.

"It is the moon," said one.

"No," said the other. "We have watched many and many a night to see the
great, round moon rise above the trees. That is not the moon. Is it the
northern lights?"

"No, the northern lights are not like this, and it is not a comet. What
can it be?"

It is no wonder that the hunters were afraid, for the flames flared red
over the sky like a wigwam on fire. Thick, blue smoke floated above the
flames and hid the shining stars.

"Do the flames and smoke come from the wigwam of the Great Spirit?"
asked one.

"I fear that he is angry with his children, and that the flames are his
fiery war-clubs," whispered the other. No sleep came to their eyes. All
night long they watched and wondered, and waited in terror for the

When morning came, the two hunters were still watching the sky. Little
by little they saw that there was a high mountain in the west where the
light had been, and above the mountain floated a dark blue smoke.
"Come," said one, "we will go and see what it is."

They walked and walked till they came close to the mountain, and then
they saw fire shining through the seams of the rocks. "It is a mountain
of fire," one whispered. "Shall we go on?" "We will," said the other,
and they went higher and higher up the mountain. At last they stood upon
its highest point. "Now we know the secret," they cried. "Our people
will be glad when they hear this."

Swiftly they went home through the forest to their own village. "We have
found a wonder," they cried. "We have found the home of the Fire Spirit.
We know where she keeps her flames to help the Great Spirit and his
children. It is a mountain of fire. Blue smoke rises above it night and
day, for its heart is a fiery sea, and on the sea the red flames leap
and dance. Come with us to the wonderful mountain of fire."

The people of the village had been cold in the winter nights, and they
cried, "O brothers, your words are good. We will move our lodges to the
foot of the magic mountain. We can light our wigwam fires from its
flames, and we shall not fear that we shall perish in the long, cold
nights of winter."

So the Indians went to live at the foot of the fire-mountain, and when
the cold nights came, they said, "We are not cold, for the Spirit of
Fire is our good friend, and she keeps her people from perishing."

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