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The Legend Of Blackwater


Source: Aw-aw-tam Indian Nights

A little off from the road between Sacaton, and Casa Grande Ruins
there is, or was in the old days, a mysterious pool of dark water,
which the Indians regarded with superstitious awe.

They said it was of fathomless depth, that it communicated with
the ocean, and that strange, monstrous animals at times appeared in
it. There are Indians still living who declare they have seen them
with their own eyes.

I visited this famous place once with my interpreter, Mr Wood. After
galloping a while thru a mezquite forest we suddenly emerged upon
its legendary shores. Alas, for the prosaic quality of fact! It was
but a common-place water-hole, or spring-pond, a few rods across,
with bogs and bulrushes in its center.

The unkindness of irrigation ditches, withdrawing its waters, revealed
that like most bottomless pools of story it was very shallow indeed.

It was nearly dry.

Its name of Blackwater has been given to the nearby surrounding

This was the only trace of the common Indian superstition of water
monsters I found among the Pimas.

Koo-a Kutch

The End

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