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The Story Of The First Moles

Source: The Book Of Nature Myths

A rich man and a poor man once owned a field together. The rich man
owned the northern half, and the poor man owned the southern half. Each
man sowed his ground with seed. The warm days came, the gentle rain
fell, and the seed in the poor man's half of the field sprang up and put
forth leaves. The seed in the rich man's half all died in the ground.

The rich man was selfish and wicked. He said, "The southern half of the
field is mine," but the poor man replied, "No, the southern half is
mine, for that is where I sowed my seed."

The rich man had a son who was as wicked as himself. This boy whispered,
"Father, tell him to come in the morning. I know how we can keep the
land." So the rich man said, "Come in the morning, and we shall soon see
whose land this is."

At night the rich man and his son pulled up some bushes that grew beside
the field, and the son hid in the hole where their roots had been.

Morning came, and many people went to the field with the rich man. The
poor man was sorrowful, for he feared that he would lose his ground.

"Now we shall see," said the rich man boastfully, and he called aloud,
"Whose ground is this?"

"This is the ground of the rich man," answered a voice from the hole.

"How shall I ever get food for my children!" cried the poor man.

Then another voice was heard. It was that of the spirit of the fields,
and it said, "The southern half of the field is the poor man's, and the
northern half shall be his too."

The rich man would have run away, but the voice called, "Wait. Look
where the bushes once stood. The boy in the hole and his wicked father
shall hide in the darkness as long as they live, and never again shall
they see the light of the sun."

This is the story of the first moles, and this is why the mole never
comes to the light of day.

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