Chando And His Wife

: Part V.
: Folklore Of The Santal Parganas

Once upon a time Chando went to the hills to fashion a plough out of

a log of wood; and his wife was left at home alone, Chando was so

long in coming back that his wife grew impatient; so she made some

mosquitos and sent them to worry him and drive him home. But Chando

made some dragon-flies and they ate up the mosquitos and he went on

with his work. His wife made various other animals and sent them out,

but Chando des
royed them all. At last she made a tiger and sent it

to frighten him home; but Chando took up a handful of chips from the

log he was cutting and threw them at the tiger and they turned into

wild dogs and chased the tiger away. Ever since that no tiger will

face wild dogs.

Then Chando's wife shut up a locust in an iron pot and when Chando at

last came home she asked him "Why have you been so long? Who is to

give food and drink to all the living creatures if you don't attend

to business." Chando answered that he had fed them all.

"No you have not, you have not fed the locust!"

"But I have" said Chando.

Then she took the lid off the iron pot and showed him the locust

eating grass inside; and Chando had nothing to say.