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Another Version Of The Same Fable

Source: South-african Folk-tales

A Dutchman was walking by himself and saw Snake lying under a large
stone. Snake implored his help; but when she had become free she said,
"Now I shall eat you."

The Man answered, "That is not right. Let us first go to Hare."

When Hare had heard the affair, he said, "It is right."

"No," said the Man, "let us ask Hyena."

Hyena declared the same, saying, "It is right."

"Now let us ask Jackal," said the Man in his despair.

Jackal answered very slowly and considerately, doubting the whole
affair, and demanding to see first the place, and whether the Man was
able to lift the stone. Snake lay down, and the Man, to prove the truth
of his account, put the stone again over her.

When she was fast, Jackal said, "Now let her lie there."

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