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Fairy Illusions


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

Ryw dro yr oedd brodor o Nefyn yn dyfod adref o ffair Pwllheli, ac wrth
yr Efail Newydd gwelai Inn fawreddog, a chan ei fod yn gwybod nad oedd
yr un gwesty i fod yno, gofynodd i un o'r gweision os oedd ganddynt
ystabl iddo roddi ei farch. Atebwyd yn gadarnhaol. Rhoddwyd y march yn
yr ystabl, ac aeth yntau i mewn i'r ty, gofynodd am beint o gwrw, ac ni
chafodd erioed well cwrw na'r cwrw hwnw. Yn mhen ychydig, gofynodd am
fyned i orphwys, a chafodd hyny hefyd. Aeth i'w orweddle, yr hwn ydoedd
o ran gwychder yn deilwng i'r brenhin; ond wchw fawr! erbyn iddo ddeffro,
cafodd ei hun yn gorwedd ar ei hyd mewn tomen ludw, a'r ceffyl wedi ei
rwymo wrth bolyn clawdd gwrysg.

This in English is as follows:--Once upon a time a native of Nefyn was
returning from Pwllheli fair, and when near Efail Newydd he saw a
magnificent Inn, and, as he knew that no such public-house was really
there, he went up to it and asked one of the servants whether they had a
stable where he could put up his horse. He was answered in the
affirmative. The horse was placed in the stable, and the man entered the
house and asked for a pint of beer, which he thought was the best he had
ever drunk. After awhile he inquired whether he could go to rest. This
also was granted him, and he retired to his room, which in splendour was
worthy of the king. But alas! when he awoke he found himself sleeping on
his back on a heap of ashes, and the horse tied to a pole in the hedge.

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