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Rhaffau'r Tylwyth Teg Or The Ropes Of The Fairies


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

Professor Rhys, in his Welsh Fairy Tales--Y Cymmrodor vol. v., p.
75--says, that gossamer, which is generally called in North Wales
edafedd gwawn, or gwawn yarn, used to be called, according to an
informant, Rhaffau'r Tylwyth Teg, that is to say, the Ropes of the Fair
Family, thus associating the Fairies with marshy, or rushy, places, or
with ferns and heather as their dwelling places. It was supposed that if
a man lay down to sleep in such places the Fairies would come and bind
him with their ropes, and cover him with a gossamer sheet, which would
make him invisible, and incapable of moving.

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