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The Angry Crow

Category: MORAL TALES.

Source: Aino Folktales

A man came to a certain village--whence was not known,--dressed only in
fine black robes. While he was there, some rice-beer was brewed. On
being given some of it to drink, he was very joyful, and then danced.
Then, as he went out-of-doors, he re-entered the house with a piece of
hard dung in his mouth, and put it in the alcove. As the master of the
house became angry and beat him, he, being a large crow, flew out of the
window, making the sound "K[=a]! k[=a]!" For this reason, even crows are
creatures to be dreaded. Be very careful!--(Translated literally. Told
by Penri, 11th July, 1886.)

[In another version of this story, communicated to me by Mr John
Batchelor, the crow, enraged at not having received an invitation to a
feast given by some of the more handsome birds, flies high into the air
with a piece of hard dung in its mouth, and lets it drop into the middle
of the party, to the great confusion of the guests. Some of the smaller
birds take counsel together as to the advisability of interfering to
restore the harmony of the occasion, but finally decide that it is not
for them, who were also omitted from the list of invitations, to mix
themselves up with such a matter. Moral: If you give a feast, ask all
your friends to it. If any are left out, they are sure to feel hurt.]

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