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The Fox And The Badger

Source: Japanese Fairy World

There is a certain mountainous district in Shikoku in which a skillful
hunter had trapped or shot so many foxes and badgers that only a few were
left. These were an old grey badger and a female fox with one cub. Though
hard pressed by hunger, neither dared to touch a loose piece of food,
lest a trap might be hidden under it. Indeed they scarcely stirred out of
their holes except at night, lest the hunter's arrow should strike them.
At last the two animals held a council together to decide what to do,
whether to emigrate or to attempt to outwit their enemy. They thought a
long while, when finally the badger having hit upon a good plan, cried

"I have it. Do you transform yourself into a man. I'll pretend to be
dead. Then you can bind me up and sell me in the town. With the money
paid you can buy some food. Then I'll get loose and come back. The next
week I'll sell you and you can escape."

"Ha! ha! ha! yoroshiu, yoroshiu," (good, good,) cried both together.
"It's a capital plan," said Mrs. Fox.

So the Fox changed herself into a human form, and the badger, pretending
to be dead, was tied up with straw ropes.

Slinging him over her shoulder, the fox went to town, sold the badger,
and buying a lot of tofu (bean-cheese) and one or two chickens, made a
feast. By this time the badger had got loose, for the man to whom he was
sold, thinking him dead, had not watched him carefully. So scampering
away to the mountains he met the fox, who congratulated him, while both
feasted merrily.

The next week the badger took human form, and going to town sold the fox,
who made believe to be dead. But the badger being an old skin-flint, and
very greedy, wanted all the money and food for himself. So he whispered
in the man's ear to watch the fox well as she was only feigning to be
dead. So the man taking up a club gave the fox a blow on the head, which
finished her. The badger, buying a good dinner, ate it all himself, and
licked his chops, never even thinking of the fox's cub.

The cub after waiting a long time for its mother to come back, suspected
foul play, and resolved on revenge. So going to the badger he challenged
him to a trial of skill in the art of transformation. The badger accepted
right off, for he despised the cub and wished to be rid of him.

"Well what do you want to do first? said Sir Badger."

"I propose that you go and stand on the Big Bridge leading to the city,"
said the cub, "and wait for my appearance. I shall come in splendid
garments, and with many followers in my train. If you recognize me, you
win, and I lose. If you fail, I win."

So the badger went and waited behind a tree. Soon a daimio riding in a
palanquin, with a splendid retinue of courtiers appeared, coming up the
road. Thinking this was the fox-cub changed into a nobleman, although
wondering at the skill of the young fox, the badger went up to the
palanquin and told the person inside that he was recognized and had lost
the game.

"What!" said the daimio's followers, who were real men, and surrounding
the badger, they beat him to death.

The fox-cub, who was looking on from a hill near by, laughed in derision,
and glad that treachery was punished, scampered away.

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