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The Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Version


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

Mr. Evan Davies, carpenter, Bryn Llan, Efenechtyd, told the writer that
Robert Jones, innkeeper, in the same parish, told him the following tale,
mentioning at the same time the man who figures in the narrative, whose
name, however, I have forgotten. The story runs thus:--

A man, wishing to catch a fox, laid a bag with its mouth open, but well
secured, at the entrance to a fox's den in Coed Cochion, Llanfair Dyffryn
Clwyd parish, and hid himself to await the result. He had seen the fox
enter its lair, and he calculated that it would ere long emerge
therefrom. By and by, he observed that something had entered the bag,
and going up to it, he immediately secured its mouth, and, throwing the
bag over his shoulder, proceeded homewards, but he had not gone far on
his way before he heard someone say, Where is my son John? The man,
however, though it was dark, was not frightened, for he thought that
possibly some one was in search of a lad who had wandered from home. He
was rather troubled to find that the question was repeated time after
time by some one who apparently was following him. But what was his
terror when, ere long, he heard a small voice issue from the bag he was
carrying, saying There is dear father calling me. The man in a
terrible fright threw the bag down, and ran away as fast as his feet
could carry him, and never stopped until he reached his home, and when he
came to himself he related the story of his adventure in the wood to his

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