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The Origin Of The Mole

Source: Cossack Fairy Tales And Folk Tales

Once upon a time a rich man and a poor man had a field in common, and
they sowed it with the same seed at the same time. But God prospered
the poor man's labour and made his seed to grow, but the rich man's
seed did not grow. Then the rich man claimed that part of the field
where the grain had sprung up, and said to the poor man, "Look now!
'tis my seed that has prospered, and not thine!" The poor man
protested, but the rich man would not listen, but said to him, "If
thou wilt not believe me, then, poor man, come into the field quite
early to-morrow morning, before dawn, and God shall judge betwixt

Then the poor man went home. But the rich man dug a deep trench in the
poor man's part of the field and placed his son in it, and said to
him, "Look now, my son; when I come hither to-morrow morning and ask
whose field this is, say that it is not the poor man's, but the rich

Then he well covered up his son with straw, and departed to his own

In the morning all the people assembled together and went to the
field, and the rich man cried, "Speak, O God! whose field is this, the
rich man's or the poor man's?"

"The rich man's, the rich man's," cried a voice from the midst of the

But the Lord Himself was among the people gathered together there, and
He said, "Listen not to that voice, for the field is verily the poor

Then the Lord told all the people how the matter went, and then He
said to the son of the rich man,

"Stay where thou art, and sit beneath the earth all thy days, so long
as the sun is in the sky."

So the rich man's son became a mole on the spot, and that is why the
mole always flies the light of day.

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