The Sea-pig

Again we are indebted to Gesner for the drawing of this Sea Monster.

Olaus Magnus, speaking of "The Monstrous Hog of the German Ocean,"

says:--"I spake before of a Monstrous Fish found on the Shores of

England, with a clear description of his whole body, and every member

thereof, which was seen there in the year 1532, and the Inhabitants made

a Prey of it. Now I shall revive the memory of that Monstrous Hog that

was found afterwards, Anno 1537, in the same German Ocean, and it

was a Monster in every part of it. For it had a Hog's head, and a

quarter of a Circle, like the Moon, in the hinder part of its head, four

feet like a Dragon's, two eyes on both sides in his Loyns, and a third

in his belly, inclining towards his Navel; behind he had a forked Tail,

like to other Fish commonly."