The Ziphius

This Voracious Animal, whose size may be imagined by comparison with the

Seal it is devouring, is thus described by Magnus:--"Because this Beast

is conversant in the Northern Waters, it is deservedly to be joined with

other monstrous Creatures. The Swordfish is like no other, but in

something it is like a Whale. He hath as ugly a head as an Owl: his

mouth is wondrous deep, as a vast pit, whereby he terrifies and drives

away those that look into it. His Eyes are horrible, his Back

Wedge-fashion, or elevated like a Sword; his snout is pointed. These

often enter upon the Northern Coasts as Thieves and hurtful Guests, that

are always doing mischief to ships they meet, by boring holes in them,

and sinking them.