The Su

Topsell mentions a fearful beast called the Su. "There is a region in

the new-found world, called Gigantes, and the inhabitants thereof, are

called Patagones; now, because their country is cold, being far in the

South, they cloath themselves with the skins of a beast called in their

owne toong Su, for by reason that this beast liveth for the most part

neere the waters, therefore they cal it by the name of Su, which

ifieth water. The true image thereof, as it was taken by

Thenestus, I have heere inserted, for it is of a very deformed shape,

and monstrous presence, a great ravener, and an untamable wilde beast.

"When the hunters that desire her skinne, set upon her, she flyeth very

swift, carrying her yong ones upon her back, and covering them with her

broad taile; now, for so much as no dogge or man dareth to approach

neere unto her, (because such is the wrath thereof, that in the pursuit

she killeth all that commeth near her:) The hunters digge severall

pittes or great holes in the earth, which they cover with boughes,

sticks, and earth, so weakly, that if the beast chance at any time to

come upon it, she, and her young ones fall down into the pit, and are


"This cruell, untamable, impatient, violent, ravening, and bloody beast,

perceiving that her natural strength cannot deliver her from the wit and

policy of men, her hunters, (for being inclosed, she can never get out

againe) the hunters being at hand to watch her downfall, and worke her

overthrowe, first of all to save her young ones from taking and taming,

she destroyeth them all with her own teeth; for there was never any of

them taken alive, and when she seeth the hunters come about her, she

roareth, cryeth, howleth, brayeth, and uttereth such a fearefull,

noysome, and terrible clamor, that the men which watch to kill her, are

not thereby a little amazed; but, at last, being animated, because

there can be no resistance, they approach, and with their darts and

speares, wound her to death, and then take off her skin, and leave the

Carcasse in the earth. And this is all that I finde recorded of this

most strange beast."