The Charms Performed With Rosemary


Rosemary dried in the sun and made into powder, tied in a cloth around

the right arm, will make the sick well.

The smoke of rosemary bark, sniffed, will, even if you are in gaol,

release you.

The leaves made into salve, placed on a wound, where the flesh is dead,

will cure the wound.

A spoon made out of its wood will make whatever you eat therewith


Place it under the door post, and no snake nor adder can ever enter thy


The leaves placed in beer or wine will keep these liquids from becoming

sour, and give them such a flavour that you will dispose of them quickly.

Place a branch of rosemary on the barrel, and it will keep thee from

fever, even though thou drink of it for a whole day.

Such were some of the wonderful virtues of this plant, as given in the

Brython, vol. iii., p. 339.