The next subject I shall treat of is curious, and partakes of the nature

of spiritualism. I hardly know by what other word to describe it,

therefore I will give particulars, so as to make the matter intelligible

to the reader, and call it Spiritualism.

It was believed that it was possible for the spirit to leave the body,

and then, after an absence of some time, to return again and re-enter it.

The form
he spirit assumed when it quitted the body was a bluish light

like that of a candle, but somewhat longer. This light left the body

through the mouth, and re-entered the same way.

The writer was informed by a certain female friend at Llandegla that she

had seen a bluish light leave the mouth of a person who was sick, light

which she thought was the life, or spirit of that person, but the person

did not immediately die.

For another tale of this kind I am indebted to Mr. R. Roberts, who lives

in the village of Clocaenog, near Ruthin. He was not himself a witness

of the occurrence, but vouches for the accuracy of the report. It is as