The Devil Appearing To A Dissenting Minister At Denbigh


The Rev. Mr. Thomas Baddy, who lived in Denbigh Town, and was a

Dissenting Minister in that place, went into his study one night, and

while he was reading or writing, he heard some one behind him laughing

and grinning at him, which made him stop a little--as well indeed it

might. It came again, and then he wrote on a piece of paper, that

devil-wounding scripture, 1st John, 3rd,--'For this was the Son of God

that he might destroy the works of the Devil,'--and held it

backwards from him, when the laughing ceased for ever; for it was a

melancholy word to a scoffing Devil, and enough to damp him. It would

have damped him yet more, if he had shewn him James, ii. 19--'The devils

believe and tremble.' But he had enough for one time.

The following objectless tale, still extant, I believe, in the

mountainous parts of Denbighshire, is another instance of the credulity

in former days of the people.

Satan seen Lying right across a Road.

The story related to me was as follows:--Near Pentrevoelas lived a man

called John Ty'nllidiart, who was in the habit of taking, yearly, cattle

from the uplands in his neighbourhood, to be wintered in the Vale of

Clwyd. Once, whilst thus engaged, he saw lying across the road right in

front of him and the cattle, and completely blocking up the way, Satan

with his head on one wall and his tail on the other, moaning horribly.

John, as might be expected, hurried homewards, leaving his charge to take

their chance with the Evil One, but long before he came to his house, the

odour of brimstone had preceded him, and his wife was only too glad to

find that it was her husband that came through the door, for she thought

that it was someone else that was approaching.