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Charms For Warts


Source: Welsh Folk-lore

1. Drop a pin into a holy well and your warts will disappear, but should
anyone take the pin out of the well, the warts you have lost will grow on
his fingers.

2. Rub the warts with the inside of a bean pod, and then throw the pod

3. Take wheat on the stalk, rub the warts with the wheat's beard or
bristles at the end of the ear, take these to four crosses or roads that
cross each other, bury the straw, and the warts will decay with the decay
of the straw.

4. Rub the warts with elderberry leaves plucked by night, and then burn
them, and the warts will disappear.

5. Rub the warts with a bit of flesh meat, wrap the flesh up in paper,
throw it behind your back, and do not look behind you to see what becomes
of it, and whoever picks it up gets your warts.

6. Take a snail and pierce it through with a thorn, and leave it to die
on the bush; as it disappears so will your warts.

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